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Talentone is your best OEM partner in rechargeable vacuum cleaner and consumer products. We incorporate the latest R&D development, professional and systematic resources, best source of raw material and manufacturing formulas, and GMP-good manufacturing practice compliant management and inspection control into all aspects of our entire business process. From the very beginning to end of the entire OEM servicing process, Talentone presents our customers with the most professional and reliable work at all times.

We also has many years of experience in ODM servicing, we too offer our client professional marketing, design, and branding support to our customers worldwide. Based on GMP compliant manufacturing model, we widen our field in our professional service by cooperating with customers from their plan of investment, market positioning, setting brand identity, prototype design to final production and packaging.

Our ODM service helps our customers define a solid significance of their brand to enhance their market competitiveness with new ideas all the time. Our concrete OEM background can further ensure the final quality of the products and market value supplied to our customers.

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